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XXV International Conference Stara Zagora

The Laboratory of Yeast Molecular Genetics has successfully participated at the XXVth International Scientific Conference, organized by the Bulgarian Union of Scientists in Stara Zagora on June 4th, 2015. Dzhulija Milcheva and Matthew Serkedjiev have presented a talk and a poster, the two presenting part of their scientific work in the laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Miloshev.
The talk was given by Mr. Serkedjiev and its title was: "Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromatin mutants exhibit premature ageing phenotypes".
The poster was presented by Ms. Milcheva, MSc and its topic was:
"Epigenetic significance of chromatin structure in cellular ageing".
Both of them masterly and  skillfully discussed their results with the audience and proudly defended their scientific passion and striving for science.