Comet Assay

State-of-the-art comet images

Atomic Force Microscopy

S. cerevisiae chromatin fibers

DNA Gel Electrophoresis

MNase sensitivity assay

Light Micoscropy

S. cerevisiae ageing cell morphology

First NATO training course

First NATO Training course - “Methods in Genotoxicity Detection” organized under the NATO SPS MYP “A Field Detector for Genotoxicity from CBRN and Explosive Devices”

The training course took place between 12th March and 15th March, 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The course covered fundamental molecular and biochemical techniques used in the cytotoxicity and genotoxicity testing in general. Special emphasis was put on the method of Comet Assay. The main aim of the training course was to provide the participants an integrative overview of the complex genetic and cellular processes under genotoxic stress.