Assist. prof. Bela Vasileva, PhD

Assist. prof., PhD
Interests: Epigenetics

Date of birth      

PhD in Molecular Genetics
PhD student in Molecular Genetics, Institute of Molecular Biology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
2012 – 2015
King’s College London, BSc (Hons) Molecular Genetics
During my final year of study I have successfully completed two independent study projects, one of which was laboratory based:
•    Library Project – Epigenetics and Ovarian Cancer (First Class grade achieved)
•    Laboratory Project - Introduction of a Single Amino Acid Mutation in Catechol 2,3-dioxygenase From Pseudomonas putida (High Upper Second Class grade achieved)
2007 – 2012
First English Language School – Sofia
My course of studying was focused mainly on Biology and Chemistry, Graduated with an excellent Diploma

Laboratory experience
PhD student at the Institute of Molecular Biology, BAS
2015 – 2018
Intern at the Yeast Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMB-BAS)
2014 - Jun.
The National Genetics Laboratory, Bulgaria – Laboratory intern, performing different types of molecular biology and genetics techniques   

Attended Courses
2014 - Jan. – Mar.
Bio science Professional Skills Module, King’s College London

Attended Conferences
2016 - 6 - 7 Apr.
Sofia, Bulgaria - Interdisciplinary PhD Forum
Talk: The Role of Chromatin-Remodelling in Cellular Resistance to Ultraviolet Light

2016 - 16 - 18 May
Sofia, Bulgaria - 7th Work Meeting on Experimental Models and Methods in Biomedical Research     
Talk: Chromatin Modulates Cellular Resistance to Ultraviolet Light

2016 - 2 -3 June
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria - XXVI International Science Conference dedicated to the 55th Anniversary of the Union of Scientists of Stara Zagora
Talk: The Interaction Between the Linker Histone H1 and the Chromatin-Remodelling Complexes is Essential for Cellular Response to Stress

Other Work Experience
2014 - Nov. - Dec.
The London Comedy Club – Flier Distributor
2009 – 2011
Oriflame Cosmetics, Bulgaria – Cosmetics Distributor

Additional Information
2013 – 2015
Member of the KCL Genetics Society, London, United Kingdom
Proficient in MS Office applications, use of internet and email.
LANGUAGES Bulgarian - mother tongue
                          English - fluent, IELTS band 8, corresponding to CEFR level C1
                          IELTS Test Report Form Number: 15BG001886VASB001A
                          Spanish - intermediate



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