NATO SPS MYP G5266 kick-off meeting

The Laboratory of Molecular Genetics is announcing the kick-off meeting for the NATO SPS MYP G5266 which will be held on 15th and 16th of May, 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The project is entitled: "A field detector for genotoxicity from CBRN and explosive devices" and is sponsored by NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, Grant Number G5266.
Four countries take part in the project - Bulgaria, Turkey, The Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia and USA. The project is in strong collaboration with The Atlantic Club in Bulgaria.

A field detector for genotoxicity from CBRN and explosive devices

Project abstract:
The threat of terrorist attacks together with the increasing danger of local wars requires a constant search and elaboration of new means for their counteracting. In the current project we are proposing development of a portable, field-employable detector for assessment of genotoxicity produced by CBRN agents, explosives and other illicit compounds. On the basis of bioengineered cells with increased sensitivity to genotoxins the device will quickly, correctly and surely evaluate the genotoxicity danger for people’s health of CBRN agents. The use of the detector will enable the authorized personnel to estimate CBRN genotoxicity in a fast and sensitive manner and thus will allow adequate design and successful application of the most appropriate counter measures to secure respective polluted area.